Celebrating Success: Webappclouds LLC Wins Massage Envy's Vendor of the Year Award

April 23 2024 by Admin

In the bustling world of franchising, recognition is a testament to dedication and excellence. Among the various business awards, one stands out as a beacon of distinction – the Vendor of the Year A

Let SalonCloudsPlus Elevate Your Search Engine Optimization & PPC

March 10 2023 by Admin

We hear from salon owners all the time: “What is SEO & PPC andhow will they help my salon business?” We thought this was a good time to break down to the basics and go over what SEO & PPC actually

Increase Your Salon Revenue with a New e-Commerce Store

February 24 2023 by Admin

It’s no secret that most of your clients are already shopping online. If they aren’t shopping for products from your store, they are doing it with someone else. Why lose revenue when you don’t h

Staff App – The Key to Success

February 10 2023 by Admin

A mobile app isn’t just for your salon and spa clients, it’s a great way for your staff to stay up-to-date and current with things like reports, appointments, client alerts, management tools, and

Don’t Miss Our Client Mobile App Webinar!

January 17 2023 by Admin

Branded mobile apps are essential these days for all industries. However, it’s especially important for service industries such as salons and spas for these reasons: Brand recognition - Having an e

New, Enhanced Mobile App Experience from Salon Clouds Plus

February 15 2022 by Admin

When we first developed Salon Clouds Plus mobile apps for our clients, our priority was delivering seamless, integrated marketing for your business with functionality that your clients demand. From th

Boost Your Salon Revenue & Build Your Brand Loyalty with an Ecommerce Store

November 29 2021 by Admin

Flexibility and smart, quick-thinking were attributes that many salon owners needed to learn this last year with the pandemic. Many also learned the value and importance of an e-commerce storefront wh

Boost Your Salon & Spa Sales This Holiday Season with Gift Cards

October 27 2021 by Admin

As the holidays are approaching, you may be looking at ways of increasing your revenue. If your salon traffic still isn’t quite what it was pre-covid, there are many ways to boost salon revenue duri

Salon & Spa Digital Intake Forms Means Better Business

June 11 2021 by Admin

The digital, contactless age has changed how we do business, and the check-in process is no exception. With customized digital intake forms, your clients can view and complete their check-in process f

Marketing Your Salon & Spa in 2021

January 31 2021 by admin

Last year was a challenge for our industry, but 2021 promises a return to increased customer traffic. Because we’re still experiencing restrictions from COVID-19, many salons have paused their marke

Boost Revenue During the Holiday

December 22 2020 by Admin

Your salon & spa may have faced many challenges during this COVID-19 pandemic with multiple openings and closings, reduced business hours, decreased capacity limits, and you may have had to limit the

Increase Your Client Communication with Help from SalonCloudsPlus

November 3 2020 by Admin

The salon industry has changed this year, but communication has always been important in this customer service business. As we navigate through the challenges of COVID-19, communicating with your clie

Focus on Your Ecommerce & Gift Card Strategy

September 30 2020 by Admin

The salon industry was hit hard by COVID-19. Most salons had to close, then when they were able to reopen, their capacity was lowered and the way they do business has had to change. While some salons

Serve Customers More Efficiently with Contactless Check-In

August 11 2020 by Admin

Navigating all the new requirements for COVID-19 can be a challenge for salons, especially when things change every day. Thankfully, there are several things salon and spa businesses can do to be sure

Increase Business for Your Salon with an E-Commerce Store

July 31 2020 by Admin

With all the restrictions in place from COVID-19, combined with revenue losses from the many weeks where salons were closed by various state orders, building new sources of revenue is essential these

Simple Customer Service Tips for These New Times

July 15 2020 by admin

Salon & spas are already a big customer service oriented business. However, with all these unsettled times, it’s even more important to help make your clients feel safe and valued. As salon owners,

Tips for Recovering from the COVID-19 Lull in Business

June 30 2020 by Admin

There’s no denying that this COVID-19 hit the health and wellness industry hard. Salon and spa owners were forced to close at a moment’s notice while rushing to figure out how to adapt their busin

Protecting Your Salon When Reopening

June 15 2020 by Admin

At this point, many salons are either beginning to open or are getting ready to open. Salon owners and stylists need to be aware that things will be a bit different ... but different is ok! There are

SEO is Vital During this Coronavirus Pandemic

March 24 2020 by Admin

Everywhere you look, the Coronavirus outbreak is causing confusion, fear, and havoc. Businesses are locking down facilities, people are working remotely, consumers are online shopping to get the produ

Let SalonCloudsPlus Elevate Your Search Engine Optimization

February 29 2020 by Admin

We hear from salon owners all the time: “What is SEO and how will it help my salon business?” We thought this was a good time to break it down to the basics and go over what SEO actually is, why i

Ways to Help Your Salon be Sustainable

February 22 2020 by Admin

While SalonCloudsPlus can help you with your digital marketing, SEO, website content, mobile apps, and more, one thing you will have to do as a salon is to make sure that you are doing all you can do

Ways to Leverage Social Media Effectively to Boost Engagement

January 31 2020 by Admin

When you’re a salon & spa owner, you’re always trying to build your clientele and strengthen the relationships you have with your current clients. Social media can play a huge role in promoting yo

Successful Integrated Marketing for Your Salon & Spa

January 12 2020 by Admin

Marketing is important in the salon & spa industry – and doing it the right way can make all the difference for the success of your business. That’s why it’s important to have the right marketin

Gift Card Buying Made Easy

December 12 2019 by Admin

While everyone is gearing up to raid the stores and do all their holiday shopping, making sure it’s quick and easy to buy your salon gift cards is vital this holiday season! Gift cards make excellen

Start 2020 Off Big with Beacon Technology

November 30 2019 by Admin

You may have heard of beacon technology since its introduction by Apple in 2013. But are you aware of the valuable benefits it has for your salon & spa? Earlier this year, Global Market Insights relea

Easy Strategic Marketing with a Custom Mobile App

November 15 2019 by Admin

The last part of our strategic marketing series ends with the advantages of utilizing a customized mobile app for your business. Not only is it a great booking tool, but there are also many other adde

Strategies for In-Salon Marketing that Adds Revenue

October 30 2019 by Admin

Now that you have your online marketing tools in place, let’s talk about how to impress your clients when they come into the salon, and how to not only keep them coming back but telling their friend

Take Control of Your Online Presence

October 16 2019 by Admin

There are quite a few marketing ideas to keep your salon fresh and top-of-mind with your audience. However, it can get overwhelming trying to constantly come up with ideas to attract new clients and k

About Our Founder, Dilan Desilva

October 1 2019 by Admin

Webappclouds, LLC and SalonCloudsPlus are innovative companies providing groundbreaking technology solutions that help businesses grow, providing a unique, in-demand personalized experience for custom

Build Your Brand & SEO with Consistent Blogging

September 19 2019 by Admin

Salons have a lot of competition in the marketplace. That’s why it’s becoming increasingly vital to develop a strong online presence to engage with current clients as well as draw in and communica

Let SalonCloudsPlus Make Your Website Work for You

August 31 2019 by admin

For any industry, having a “good” website just isn’t enough anymore. This is particularly true with the salon and beauty industry – you must have a GREAT, engaging website to stand out above t

Boost Sales with Express Services

August 15 2019 by admin

In today’s age, there never seems to be enough time in our busy schedules to work in much needed salon and spa visits. The days of being able to get to the salon for a day of pampering and relaxatio

Successfully Setting Up Your Google My Business Listing

July 31 2019 by admin

Google My Business (GMB) is something you will definitely want to set up for your salon and spa. GMB has become a core element for local SEO, so it’s crucial to not only keep it accurate and up-to-d

Strategic Marketing to Acquire Clients and Inspire Loyalty

July 15 2019 by admin

It’s true that good first impressions are vitally important. In business, loyalty is made by leaving a good first impression, then repeating that great service every time they visit. The way to give

Ways to Boost Your Local Marketing Efforts

July 8 2019 by admin

Local marketing is critical when you have a brick and mortar store such as a salon and spa. Although you may see some decent revenue from your online store for beauty and styling products, the bulk of

Use Social Media as a key Salon Marketing Tactic

June 17 2019 by Admin

Social media originally began as a means to share photos and experiences in a relaxed, fun way with friends and family. However today, it’s possibly one of the greatest gifts to business owners and

Take Advantage of Summer Slowdown

May 31 2019 by admin

Unless your salon is in a resort area, it’s normal to hit a slow period when summer hits. Travel, vacations, and outdoor focused activities tend to fill up summer hours which means less new clientel

Gain Innovative Solutions with Our Education Program

May 15 2019 by admin

Your responsibility is to make your salon and spa a success. Running a lucrative business takes ingenuity, creativity, and great business sense. It’s also takes knowing when you need some help and b

Give Your Clients an Exceptional Salon Experience with Beacon Technology

April 26 2019 by admin

With personalization a top priority in marketing today, beacons are an important part of your salon marketing arsenal. Beacons are device that works with your mobile app to deliver personalized conten

Embrace the New Generations Entering the Workforce

April 12 2019 by admin

Business owners know the huge change in processes and business culture that has been brought on by the Millennials and Gen Z entering the workforce. Change is inevitable with every generation to effec

Increase Motivation with Your Salon Staff

March 15 2019 by admin

At many salon & spas, the staff can be tight-knit and supportive of each other, and if that’s your salon, great! However, this industry is no stranger to the problems of staff motivation. As a busi

Ramp Up Your Marketing this Spring with SalonCloudsPlus

February 28 2019 by admin

It’s almost springtime and what comes to mind when we think of spring is happy, rebirth, new, and fresh. It’s a time where we pack up the old and get ready for the new. Spring cleaning and organiz

Client Loyalty Is Good Business

February 15 2019 by admin

Just how far would you travel to keep your favorite hair stylist? Many surveys done have shown that customers are more loyal to their hair stylist than any other service; including their doctors or de

Show Clients and Staff the Love in February

January 31 2019 by admin

Valentine’s Day is a great day to recognize those you appreciate and love. They can be single, married, mom’s, dad’s, or even your salon staff and clients! February is a great time to promote sp

The Next Generation Can Be Your Future Clients

January 16 2019 by admin

As salon & spa owners, we typically know our clientele that frequent our salon as far as their age and demographics. However, it’s equally important that we start to cater to the next generation com

How To Revolutionize Client Experience with Beacons

October 1 2018 by Admin

What do museums, bike-sharing systems and grocery stores have in common with your salon? They can all use Beacons to increase sales and enhance customer experience. A Beacon is a small object that use

Join SalonCloudsPlus at Premiere Philadelphia

September 21 2018 by admin

Saloncloudsplus is excited for our opportunity to present at this year’s Premiere Philadelphia event on September 23 and 24 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. With Premiere Show Group’s remar

Email Marketing 101: Avoiding Spam

July 24 2018 by admin

Have you noticed that your marketing emails are not getting as much attention as you expected? It’s not that your clients are uninterested in your promotions, and you are not the only one experienci

CEO Dilan Desilva To Present Free Class at IECSC Las Vegas

June 20 2018 by admin

SalonClouds+ CEO Dilan Desilva will be presenting a free class at the International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spa Conference (IECSC) in Las Vegas, Nevada. The free class, titled “Using Technology to

How does SEO Affect your Website?

February 19 2018 by Admin

When building your website, basic search engine optimization (SEO) is essential. It will help your website be properly positioned by those searching for your services and will help in the buying proce

SEO is Essential in Business Today

November 21 2017 by Admin

How important is SEO to you? Do you know how to achieve basic search engine optimization? Positioning your website for a high level of organic searches will help in the buying process and driving pote

Continuing Education...DO IT!!

October 13 2017 by Admin

By now you’ve probably figured out it takes more to a successful business than just opening your salon & spa and waiting for the clients to find you. Word of mouth is definitely a big part of your s

Coming July 2017 to Amazon Echo!

June 9 2017 by Admin

Guess what's coming COMING JULY 2017! <iframe allowfullscreen frameborder='0' height='280' src='https://www.youtube.com/embed/EYrWCkIS-aY' width='600'></iframe> Get Your App On with SalonCl

Web App Clouds Launches New Salon Clouds Plus App

January 31 2017 by Admin

We would proudly like to share an article that came out this month in Salon Today. 2017 will be a big year for Salon Clouds+ and we are excited that it's generating news from great publications suc

Why a Mobile App is an Essential in 2017

January 23 2017 by Admin

If you’ve been putting off getting a mobile app for your salon & spa because you thought they were just a trend ... think again! The majority of your clients are mobile, many not even having deskt

Make a Lasting First Impression

December 6 2016 by Admin

First impressions are everything in business. Creating an inviting environment for your customers and then backing it up with easy access to products you use and a friendly experience with staff wil

Steps to Growing Best Customers

November 30 2016 by Admin

Many spa & salon owners don’t really understand the importance of good, current clientele. In fact, many don’t utilize and maintain a comprehensive customer growth strategy. Even a referral prog

Must Have Social Media Tools

November 22 2016 by Admin

Need some help pushing out your holiday marketing? Marketing your salon & spa doesn’t have to be a full-time job when you partner with a reputable business that can do the tasks for you. At SalonClo

Holiday Marketing Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

November 1 2016 by Admin

It’s that time of year again – time to start thinking about your holiday marketing. Often when we think holiday marketing we get stuck thinking of only promotions and discounts, but there’s so

Salon & Spa Marketing Ideas for Success into 2017

October 20 2016 by Admin

Marketing your hair salon & spa is important in improving the volume of your services, treatments, and products. One of the best ways to do it is by getting a reputable marketing company to help you

Instagram Tips for Marketing for Your Salon & Spa

September 29 2016 by Admin

In this series, we’ve been talking about social media marketing tips. Last week we went over Facebook and this week, I’d like to go over Instagram. Instagram can be a great tool to utilize with

Social Media Marketing for Your Salon & Spa – Tips for Marketing on Facebook

September 16 2016 by Admin

Marketing a hair salon & spa is very visual work. Social media is a great way to engage your clients, and future clients, to spread more awareness about your salon & spa, and create brand loyalty. B

Mobile App Boosts Business

August 13 2016 by Admin

Are you still on the fence about a mobile app for your business? What exactly are you waiting for? Mobile apps are becoming the main form of digital interaction for every generation group. Mobile ph

Rules for a Successful Salon

July 28 2016 by Admin

Salon success can be great … but before you get there, you need to travel that journey of making your salon successful. Sometimes it can be a difficult road, especially in today’s ever-changing a

SEO is Essential when Building Your Website

July 14 2016 by Admin

When building your website, basic search engine optimization (SEO) is essential. It will help your website be properly positioned by those searching for your services and will help in the buying proc

Don’t Be Left Behind with Mobile Apps!

June 28 2016 by Admin

Statistics show that the mobile app industry is growing exponentially and in fact, is expected to double over the next four years. This means business owners need to take advantage of this technology

Boost Your Salon Marketing this Summer

June 15 2016 by Admin

The salon biz can be tough in the summer with clients leaving town for vacation and adding summer-fun activities to their already hectic schedules. We’ve put together some smart summertime marketi

Ways to Use Your Marketing Dollars Wisely

June 2 2016 by Admin

Large brands and corporations have close to unlimited marketing budgets – but for entrepreneurs and small business, you have to watch every dollar and use your marketing budget wisely. You may not

Tapping Into Tech For Small Business

May 5 2016 by Admin

Small business owners are a breed unto themselves. They are by nature independent and willing to take risks, and because they are so close to the day-to-day events happening in their companies, they

SalonCloudPlus Mobile App Can Save Your Clients Time and Frustration

April 11 2016 by Admin

Sorry all you salon owners... It’s nothing against your devoted receptionists or friendly staff – but just about everyone I know HATES calling in for a salon appointment. Typically we’re so bus

Avoid Failure When Starting Your Salon & Spa

March 30 2016 by Admin

It’s a statistic that up to 80% of all new small businesses fail within the first 18 months. Why? There are many reasons including financing issues, poor planning and mismanagement, and outside ma

Mobile Apps are the Next Level of Marketing You Need

March 16 2016 by Admin

Spas & salons these days have to keep one-step ahead of their competitor which, often times, is just a few doors down. Visual marketing can help set you apart for that foot traffic that’s passing b

Plan, Bend & Laugh – 3 Keys to Business Success

March 10 2016 by Admin

The salon business, or really any small business, can be a lonely one. You’re riding herd on a group of creative, talented individuals while at the same time stretching to conform to standard busin

Becoming a Salon-trepreneur

March 2 2016 by Admin

The salon industry is now more dynamic and growing faster than any time in recent memory, and there’s no reason you can’t become a part of this phenomenal expansion. If you’re a “salon-trepr

Be Smart with Your Salon & Spa Marketing in 2016

March 2 2016 by Admin

Many salon and spa owners use the New Year as a time to ramp up their marketing. They are determined to try innovative ways to bring in clientele and ways to retain their current clients. There’s

Best Salon App maker for iPhone and android

December 24 2015 by Admin

SalonClouds+ ~ Best Salon App Maker for iphone and Android Not all mobile apps are built equally. At SalonClouds+, we believe simplicity is the catalyst for the cloud-based app that can effortlessly

Salon and Spa Online Booking Appointment System

December 15 2015 by Admin

Let’s be blunt, in today’s mobile world, your salon & spa needs a mobile app. Online bookings via a mobile app accounted for more than 24% of travelers in 2014 and 2015 was forecasted to double.

Top Eight Reasons Your Salon and Spa Needs the Best Mobile App Available

December 7 2015 by Admin

If you’re a salon & spa owner, you need to hear this. As of January 2015, there were 224 million monthly active app users in the US. That was a 21% increase over the year before and it will only c

Reach More Holiday Shoppers

November 24 2015 by Admin

By now, your holiday marketing should be in full swing. Did you forget anything? You want to reach shoppers, clients, and walk-ins in all the ways you can and boost retail sales during the holidays.

Holiday Season Marketing for Your Salon & Spa

November 16 2015 by Admin

The holiday season is almost upon us! Many clients will need salon and spa services to help get ready for holiday parties, or to help alleviate the inevitable holiday stress. They’ll also be looki

Use Client Testimonials to Your Advantage

October 26 2015 by Admin

When you market your salon, you should be utilizing the best marketing tool available, your client testimonials are strongest marketing tool. Today, people are relying more and more on reviews, refe